Saturday, July 30, 2011

Don’ts In Business Travels

For business purpose people has to travel a lot from one corner of the country to another. Even the individual has to move to different countries in business work. While on a move some people have the tendency of neglecting meals. They do not have their food in proper time. This is a very bad habit and must be avoided. The individual must have the staple food in the right time. Diseases like ulcers and gastritis are common in empty stomachs. While on a Business tour, some people also have the habit of consuming extra amount of liquor. This must also be avoided.

Competing Airlines and Business Class Travels

Thai airways recently launched a complete new business class jet aimed at luring more and more people to upgrade to its services. Business class travel developed a lot in recent times and with it, the newer airlines are offering better services to compete with each other to get a hold of the market. Air travel has become more comfortable as well and there are different services that their airlines are offering such as Wi-Fi and other such essential aspects of business in order for you to conclude a deal while you’re high above the ground. This healthy competition between airlines has increased business class travel manifolds.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Business Travelogues

Business may take us to many places abroad. One such experience was a trip to Rajasthan in India. Rajasthan means the land of the kings and one can find lots of surprises in this land steeped in history and rich heritage. The place is surrounded by the Thar Desert. One needs to find time off business to take a look around the beautiful forts and enormous palaces. The Desert camel rides and the beautiful sunset are to die for. The place is rich in minerals and attracts many people for purely business purpose. Rajasthan is one place in the world which no one should miss if an opportunity arises.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Business Opportunities in newer places

Traveling is one of man’s favorite past times from centuries and for centuries man has travelled for business as well. These days, business travel has become a lot easier due to the easy accessibility to the places that could not be reached by other means just maybe a few decades back. Newer frontiers are being opened up and newer opportunities are revealing themselves to the business class. The businesses are expanding from local to national, from national to multinational corporations. And when it comes to expansion of the business, traveling to the spot yourself and sealing the deal is the best thing.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Useful Tips During Business Travel

Business travels are very common for most people. Almost all the people have to travel at least once in every year for work purpose. These business trips may be of long schedules. While travelling, certain stuffs must be included in the journey. When on move the individual must have breakfast, lunch and dinner in proper time. Skipping meals is not a healthy habit. The individual must know a little about the place before visiting it. The local heritage, language and culture of the particular place and general rules must be read carefully. A fist aid kit along with some general medicines must be carried. The individual must carry a separate file for passport and other important papers.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tips for Business Traveling and its Risks

Business traveling can be made simpler by taking account of certain tips. While business traveling people should book their tickets in advance, one must check the rules and regulations before carrying certain equipments as it may be confiscated in countries that place certain ‘import’ restrictions, one must never put their laptop in the luggage and most importantly people while business traveling must carry big wallets to fill in them their tickets, passports and receipts. Despite such tips, business traveling is considered to have its risks. People with jobs which involve extensive traveling often suffer with health problems. Obesity is extremely common among extensive business travelers and raveling also results in high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Essentials while travelling

A trip may turn out to be a disaster if one is not careful about the things he or she is carrying. Hence it is very important for the traveler to make a list of the essential things needed when one is travelling. A hybrid bag comes handy when one is walking a lot. This type of bag can carry all the essential items and also keep the hands of the traveler free. This might be expensive to an extent but it is obviously worth the money. This bag has a number of pockets which allows the traveler to carry different items in different compartments. The other absolutely essential items are: a travel torch, an insect repellant ointment, a travel towel, a document wallet, money belt etc.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Business Travels Can Often Pinch the Pocket

Traveling for business issues is not a new concept for anyone in today’s world. All human beings are aware of this scenario and many of them are even experienced with it. Many a times these traveling expense are paid by the company where one is the employee, for others they have to pay from their own pockets. Thus before getting into any such job profile, it is always advisable for one to clarify all such details to avoid any hindrance in future. One should opt for self paid business travels only if it suits their salary structure, expenses and savings.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


There are many kinds of insurance policies available these days. Purchasing an insurance policy is a good way of securing the uncertain future. For people who travel a lot there is travel insurance policy. This business travel insurance policy is definitely a good investment for the people who regularly go on business trips. This insurance policy can be bought either by the person or by the company he is employed in. It is better if the company buys the insurance policy for its employees as then it would get discounts for purchasing the policy in bulk. Protection against the unseen threats is better and a wise choice.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tips to travel easy

One may not be able to avoid being on the road for work, however one can utilize time optimally. Listen below are 8 super time saving tips for business travelers. This will ensure that one spends more time in business and less in traveling! First thing, a bag should always be packed. Next, always try to fly regional airports. One should try booking direct flights. Try checking in online to avoid long queues at airports. Select Your Seat on board online. Sign Up for a Clear Security Pass beforehand. Enroll for a Frequent Flier Program. Make sure your car is parked conveniently.

Business Travel Blog Tips

There are a few things which a person who is on a business trip should keep in mind while he or she is blogging. The key is to extremely informative and descriptive about the time and places about the events. Otherwise the reader tends to have a vague and absurd impression about whatever the blogger is trying to convey.

In order to obtain this clarity, the blogger should sit in a calm and relaxed state of mind and then take to the task of penning his thoughts and views of whatever event it is he is trying to describe to his readers.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Business Travel Tips

The basic fundamental of a business trip is to be properly equiped for any normal or in fact any abnormal situation which may turn up. Though most business travels or trips happen by surprise, one should always be in a state of preparedness to pack up and take off.

For example, one should always a mini first-aid kit in case of any cuts or scratches which may occur by accident. Another relevant example would be carrying normal everyday medicines for minor health issues such as headaches or stomach issues because no person would like to stay unprepared for a situation such as these.

Travel technology

A business man who travels a lot needs to be in constant contact with his staff, business partners and most importantly his customers. There are many devices available for this reason and cater mainly to the business man. Laptops, business phones that have special features like the Microsoft Office system that help the people make presentations and documents while on the move. These devices help the business man keep his contacts and keep his customers happy. They also help the business man maintain closer relations with his customers as he doesn't have to lose contact with them every time he is on the move.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mexico - rated the most dangerous business trip destination

The recent surveys done among security officials and some others online have indicated that Mexico has been ranked the riskiest place to visit for business professionals. Since drug violence is mounting in the city, business class executives should be very careful while planning their trip. The other crucial point is that there are different car rental services that allow smoking in their rented car but some others do not, so be careful when you choose a car rental service company. The last advice given to Mexico travelers would be to pick out a well researched resort for their stay and check out its history and services over the net before you book it up.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Advantages of Business Travel

Busines travel is a very convenient way for someone to have a break from the regular work routine and yet carry out and meet work related obligations. Busines travel usually inplies when someone has to leave his original place of work and travel to some other place for a relatively short period of time with the objective of carrying out tasks which not have been possible otherwise.

The advantage of a business travel is that a person is able to fulfill professional obligations whereas at the same time he is not confined to his original workplace but has the permission to go to some other place where the carrying out of the business is more appropriate.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Travelling to a new city

Business tours always help individuals to escape from their normal routine and get away from their everyday office chair, behind the table. But these trips might create anxieties and tensions if your travel is to a new city. Travelling to a new city always comes with a baggage, whether it is about the roads or people, the newness creates uneasiness and you might feel the need to have someone who knows the city beforehand. The best thing is to do is what your mind and soul tells you. In addition, always carry a road map of the city to help you locate places in case of a mishap. Other than this, it is always advisable to accompany a localite with you on such tours. So, whenever you are in a foreign city, keep these things in mind in order to keep yourself out of trouble.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Demise of business travel?

Business travel provides a good opportunity for corporates to get a break from the monotony of their office. It allows them to get away from their desks and boardrooms for some time, no matter how small.
But there is a recent trend in which companies are reducing the number of business trips and concentrating on conducting long distance business through video conferences and the like. With high speed internet connections now readily available, it is only reasonable that companies switch to it, since it provides a cheaper alternative to making people travel halfway across the globe. In case there is a discrepancy of language between the concerned parties, there is a translator at both ends to help their respective parties understand.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Using travel time

In the hectic day-to-day life of today, people with aspiring careers hardly get any time to do things that they're fond of. It is thus a good option to use up the time spent on travel and transit to try to catch up on a few hobbies.

Travel by any mode of transport provides a break from the whole world. Reading and listening to music are two things which can be easily done on a plane, train or even in a car. PSPs and easy-to-carry gaming devices have made gaming go mobile. When one is staying at a hotel, they can try to get a kitchenette in their room to cook for themselves. It is important to use time judiciously - especially when there's scarcity of it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Basics of a travel blog - Planning to create one?

Business Travel blog is an internet public diary, updated on a regular basis. Travel Blogging requires the implementation of the following objectives :

1. Building a Foundation
2. Creating Content
3. Developing Traffic
4. Strategies for the Road
5. Making Money
6. Building a Business

The main purpose of a travel blog is to be informative , descriptive and easy to relate to so that readers find it easy to grasp and can at the same time get the real feel of the actual travellers experience. The blog must be able to sustain the attention of the reader with explanations that are not monotonous in their rendition.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Three Ways To Curb Business Travel Expenses

Three Ways To Curb Business Travel Expenses: You've been given the important role of coming up with a corporate travel policy that will satisify both the corporate side of the company as well as take care of the employees who travel for the business. This policy should equalize several components including business expenses, waste and excess and just create and all-around control over travel related costs. Using these ideas as a focus, let's look into some specific areas you can start to work with.

For reservations, your policy should take in an independent travel agent who isn't working for their own commission, but instead wants to find the best offer for your company. The best offer doesn't just mean cost-related savings. Remember to include in your policy what needs your employees have, as well as what the objectives of the business travel are, and that the offer takes care of all of these needs. This should help solidify a business relationship between your company and the travel agent.

It might be a difficult thing to secure lines of credit for all of your traveling employees to use, but the effort is worth it, when you can more easily track everyone's expenses. Directly billing all travel expenses to one account can help identify waste and excess.

If you work with a single travel agent for your business travel needs, it can become easier for the agent to make frequent flyer mile arrangements for all company employees who travel for business. This way, the frequent flyer mile points can be cashed in by the company as an entity. These rewards can be used to offset expenses against the business travel budget.