Monday, February 28, 2011

Three Ways To Curb Business Travel Expenses

Three Ways To Curb Business Travel Expenses: You've been given the important role of coming up with a corporate travel policy that will satisify both the corporate side of the company as well as take care of the employees who travel for the business. This policy should equalize several components including business expenses, waste and excess and just create and all-around control over travel related costs. Using these ideas as a focus, let's look into some specific areas you can start to work with.

For reservations, your policy should take in an independent travel agent who isn't working for their own commission, but instead wants to find the best offer for your company. The best offer doesn't just mean cost-related savings. Remember to include in your policy what needs your employees have, as well as what the objectives of the business travel are, and that the offer takes care of all of these needs. This should help solidify a business relationship between your company and the travel agent.

It might be a difficult thing to secure lines of credit for all of your traveling employees to use, but the effort is worth it, when you can more easily track everyone's expenses. Directly billing all travel expenses to one account can help identify waste and excess.

If you work with a single travel agent for your business travel needs, it can become easier for the agent to make frequent flyer mile arrangements for all company employees who travel for business. This way, the frequent flyer mile points can be cashed in by the company as an entity. These rewards can be used to offset expenses against the business travel budget.